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Welcome to IPMG.....

We are sales agents for several companies offering plywood and lumber from every corner of the globe.  Our long term experience and strategic associations with importers and mills allow us to serve a vast number of customers.  Our extensive product knowledge allows us to match our customers with products to suit their every need.

The products that we offer are as follows:
  • Lauan/Meranti Plywood
  • Chinese Okoume
  • Chinese Birch
  • Chinese Poplar
  • SurePly Premium Underlayment
  • Baltic SurePly Premium Underlayment
  • Frame Stock
  • Baromalli Plywood
  • Faveira Plywood 
  • Russian Birch Plywood
  • Chinese Birch, Oak, Maple Fancy Plywood
  • Imported Hardwood Lumber
Please visit the corresponding page for information on each of our products and please don't miss our market report.  The only report of its kind published in North America.....


NEW !!!! = A/C B/C Exterior Non-Cert Pine Plywood

How many countries are you buying imports from these days?

Red Baromalli Plywood from the "Land of Cannan"


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Call us at 530-589-4816 and we will start working immediately to start you out ordering CARB compliant inventory....

Putting the woods of the world at your fingertips anytime, anywhere....

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